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Who created the Company of the West to operate the Louisiana colony?
a) John Law
b) King Louis
c) Napoleon
d) Iberville Parish

Who settled the Cote Des Allemandes?
a) Germans
b) French
c) Spanish
d) Creoles

Who laid out the city of New Orleans?
a) Bienville
b) Mr. Cavalier
c) Bobby Jindal
d) King Louis

Who replaced Bienville as governor of the Louisiana colony?
a) Etienne de Perier
b) Bobby Jindal
c) Edwin Edwards
d) Barack Obama

Why did the Company of the West stop paying “finders’ fees” to people who located potential Louisiana colonists?
a) money ran out
b) kidnapping was beginning
c) people were already there
d) there were no more finders

What caused the Mississippi Bubble to burst?
a) Couldn’t find investors
b) Couldn't find Louisiana
c) Couldn't find France
d) Couldn’t repay investors

What is the present-day name of Fort St. Jean Baptiste, founded by Louis Juchereau de St. Denis?
a) Natchitoches
b) New Orleans
c) Plaquemine
d) Baton Rouge

What was the name given to the set of laws established by Bienville to govern the conduct of slaves?
a) Code Noir
b) Code Not
c) Noir Code
d) Noir Slaves

Why did Joliet and Marquette cut short their trip down the Mississippi River?
a) Sacred of the French
b) Sacred of the English
c) Sacred of Indians
d) Sacred of aligators

Where did the French establish their first trading posts?
a) Canada
b) Louisiana
c) France
d) New Orleans

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