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Dyslexia is a specific learning disability that is...
a) neurological in origin
b) psychological in origin
c) caused by environment
d) caused by reading difficulties

What is the most effective way to teach language content and skills to students with dyslexia?
a) mutlisensory approach
b) lecture
c) auditory methods only
d) visual methods only

Which of the following is not a characteristic of dyslexia?
a) word reversals
b) letter reversals
c) omission of small words like at and to when reading
d) correct spelling

Which of the following letters are most commonly reveresed in writing and reading by students with dyslexia?
a) s and w
b) b and d
c) r and p
d) m and l

Which of the following is not a key assessment in the evaluation process of students suspected at risk of dyslexia?
a) phonological processing assessments
b) IQ assessment
c) decoding assessments
d) word recognition assessment

Why do many students with dyslexia also have low reading comprhension?
a) they don't try
b) they can't remember
c) they exert so much effort decoding words that they have a hard time self monitoring meaning at the same time
d) they have cognitive difficulties that prevent them from understanding

IDA (International Dyslexia Association) reports the number one emotional difficulty for children and adults with dyslexia is:
a) depression
b) anxiety
c) temper tantrums
d) crying

Which of the following ways is not a multisensory strategy used to teach students with dyslexia?
a) student sky writes a word in the air while saying the word aloud
b) student writes his/her spelling word 10 times
c) student writes the letter a in sand while saying the sound
d) student acts out a words meaning while saying the word in a sentence

Often many students with dyslexia also struggle with a disability that impacts the legibility of their writing. This is called...
a) dysgraphia
b) dysphoma
c) dyster
d) dystance

Which would be an accommodation that a child could have at home to complete a nightly requirement of, "read for 30 minutes? "
a) listen to books on tape
b) scribe
c) use of speech recognition software
d) pencil grip

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