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The smallest particle of an element is
a) atom
b) electron
c) mineral
d) particle

Matter that is a combination of 2 or more different elements are
a) mixtures
b) compounds
c) molecules
d) atoms

This shows how many atoms of each element are in a compound
a) formula
b) element makeup
c) mixture
d) combination

What is formed when materials are mixed together but don\'t form compounds and can be separated again?
a) solute
b) solution
c) mixture
d) solvent

This dissolves in a solution
a) solvent
b) atoms
c) elements
d) solute

What is a substance that is mixed but cannot be separated again?
a) solvent
b) solution
c) formula
d) mixture

This is what does the dissolving in a solution
a) formula
b) solvent
c) solute
d) mixture

The universal solvent is
a) water
b) any liquid
c) cold water
d) vinegar

This means that no more solute can be dissolved in a solvent because it is full
a) concentrated
b) solubility
c) solvent
d) saturated

Describes how much of a substance can be dissolved by solvent at certain temperature.
a) formula
b) solubility
c) concentration
d) saturation

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