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How does size of hot and cold objects change?
a) hot contracts and cold expands
b) hot and cold object expand
c) hot expands and cold contracts
d) hot or cold objects do not change size

Molecules in a solid are packed how?
a) tightly packed
b) slightly packed
c) loosely packed
d) somewhat packed

Order from dense to less dense SOLID LIQUID GAS
a) gas-liquid-solid
b) liquid-solid-gas
c) solid-liquid-gas
d) liquid-gas-solid

Freezing point of water is what is Fahrenheit and celcius?
a) 32 C and 0 F
b) 32 F and 0 C
c) O F and 100 C
d) 212 F and 0 C

Boiling point of water in Fahrenheit and Celcuis is?
a) 0 F and 32 C
b) 100 F and 200 C
c) 212 F and 100 C
d) 212 C and 100 F

This is what does the dissolving in a solution
c) solvent

Is the amount of space that an object takes up
a) mass
b) volume
c) density
d) buoyancy

The formula for finding the volume of a solid is
a) mass x weight x density
b) length x mass x density
c) length x volume x height
d) length x width x height

To find the volume of a liquid you use a
a) measuring tape
b) spring scale
c) balance scale
d) graduated cylinder

This is an objects ability to float
a) mass
b) density
c) bouyancy
d) volume

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