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Which mineral property describes the way a mineral reflects light?
a) luster
b) glassy
c) metallic
d) pearly

You find a rock that has quartz, feldspar, and mica in it. What do you know is true about this rock?
a) It is a metamorphic rock
b) It is made up of minerals
c) It is formed from mud.
d) It is volcanic

Which of the following is a natural satellite that orbits Earth?
a) a dwarf planet
b) Mars
c) a comet
d) the moon

Cars harm the environment in which of the following ways?
a) Cars produce exhaust fumes that add to air pollution.
b) Some cars can reach speeds of up to 200 mph.
c) Cars require a lot of maintenance.
d) Cars cost more than horses or carriages.

When should a measuring tape be used instead of a ruler?
a) when measuring shorter distances
b) when measuring speed
c) when measuring longer distances
d) when measuring heavier objects

The cycle of day and night indicates that Earth is
a) revolving around the moon
b) rotating around the sun
c) Rotating on its axis
d) experiencing an eclipse

A compass uses the property of what to indicate direction?
a) radiation
b) magnetism
c) solar energy
d) electricity

Which of the following are methods of scientific investigation?
a) observing and changing results
b) taking pictures of examples of experiments
c) wearing goggles and doing experiment one time
d) doing an experiment, observing, collecting data

If you wanted to determine what kind of liquid evaporates faster, how should you set up the experiment?
a) Set out equal amounts of the same liquid in identical containers.
b) Set out equal amounts of different liquids in identical containers.
c) Set out random amounts of different liquids in identical containers.
d) Set out random amounts of the same liquid in identical containers.

Which path correctly shows how humans get energy from the sun?
a) sun to cow to grass to human
b) sun to cow to human
c) sun to grass to cow to human
d) sun to grass to cow to sheep to human

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