4th 6 Weeks Force Graphing Motion Space Question Preview (ID: 5431)

Forces, Motion, Objects In Space, Graphing Motion.[print questions]

Potential energy is
a) in a flying rubber band
b) is in a flowing river
c) is moving energy
d) is stored energy or is based on position

Kinetic energy is
a) the energy in a rock sitting at the edge of a cliff
b) is the energy of motion
c) is in a stretched rubber band
d) is in a compressed spring

This is not a force
a) wind blowing
b) a tug of war game
c) ice melting
d) gravity

The speed is: distance is 300 meters time is 6 minutes
a) 30 meters per minute
b) 200 meters per minute
c) 50 meters per minute
d) 60 meters per minute

How long would it take a car to travel 240 miles if it were traveling at 60 miles per hour?
a) 2 hours
b) 6 hours
c) 24 hours
d) 4 hours

A dirty snowball is actually called a
a) meteor
b) Comet
c) Oort Cloud
d) asteroid

A meteor is a when it hits the surface of the Earth.
a) meteoroid
b) shooting star
c) meteorite
d) comet

Gravity is
a) not a force
b) depends on the mass of and the distance between objects
c) less on the sun than on the moon
d) in the same amount everywhere in the universe

On a distance time graph a flat horizontal line means
a) constant speed
b) returning to origin
c) accelerating
d) stopping

On a speed time graph a straight diagonal line means
a) decelerating
b) stopping
c) constant speed
d) accelerating

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