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Turgor Pressure.

How does turgor pressure help a plant?
a) it provides the plant with nutrients
b) it ensures the plant will get the most sunlight
c) it provides support for the plant
d) it makes the stem grow up and the roots grow down.

Which terms below refer to a plant when it has a loss of turgor pressure?
a) flaccid, wilting
b) geotropism, hydrotropism
c) rigid, turgid
d) broken

What will increase the turgor pressure in a plant?
a) providing a plant with fresh water
b) providing a plant with salt water
c) placing a plant in the sun
d) placing a plant in the shade

Which of the following describes turgor pressure?
a) the vacuole is full of water and is exerting an outward force on the cell wall.
b) the nucleus is full of water and exerting an outward force on the cell membrane.
c) the vacuole is empty and does not exert a force at all
d) all of the above

Turgor pressure is to a plant as:
a) a key is to a lock
b) air is to a balloon
c) water is to a creek
d) heat is to a lizard

Which of the following will cause a drop in turgor pressure?
a) the temperature of the air increases
b) lack of water
c) too much water
d) it snows outside

What is turgor pressure?
a) the force exerted by stored water in a vacuole against a cell wall
b) a type of french food
c) it's like blood pressure, but for plants
d) none of the above

What organelle within a cell stores water?
a) nucleus
b) vacuole
c) chloroplast
d) cell wall

Which of the following would experience turgor pressure?
a) heterotrophs
b) carnivores
c) autotrophs
d) herbivores

Turgot pressure allows plants to stand upright and rigid, therefore getting the most sunlight.
a) True
b) False

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