Density Question Preview (ID: 54217)

Questions On Density, Mass, And Volume.

Density is...
a) the weight of an object
b) the amount of space an object takes up
c) the amount of mass in an object
d) the amount of matter in a given space

The amount of matter in an object is its...
a) mass
b) volume
c) size
d) weight

Volume is...
a) the weight of an object
b) the amount of space taken up by an object
c) anything that has mass and takes up space
d) the mass an object has

Why does ice float on water?
a) Ice is more dense than water
b) Ice has the same density as water
c) Ice is less dense than water
d) cannot be determined

The formula for density is...
a) mass + volume
b) mass - volume
c) mass x volume
d) mass/volume

The mass of an object is measured in...
a) grams (g)
b) milliliters (ml)
c) cubic centimeters (cm^3)
d) pounds (lb)

Volume can be measured in
a) grams (g)
b) milliliters (ml)
c) pounds (lb)
d) meters (m)

If two objects have the same mass but different volumes, which one will be less dense?
a) The object with less volume
b) The object with more volume
c) They have the same density
d) Cannot be determined

John found a liquid that had a mass of 14 g for 2 ml. What is its density?
a) 14 g/ml
b) 7 g/ml
c) 1 g/ml
d) Not enough information to determine

A student measures the mass of an object. What other variable do they need to calculate its density?
a) Color
b) Volume
c) Length
d) Weight

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