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--Among forest people, dancers move as if they are finding their way through the forext undergrowth.--This suggests that
a) the art of a people reveals a lot about where those people live.
b) dance was part of African religious practice.
c) the only Africans who danced were froest people.
d) to a particular group of people, art is more important than government.

Which of the following is NOT an example of the influence of West African music on our lives today?
a) American slaves sing call and response songs to plan escapes and express outrage or anger at a situation.
b) Call and Response is used in such songs as _If I Had a Million Dollars_and _A Little Help from my Friends_.
c) The sounds of kora are used predominantly in electronic music.
d) West African drum music and Afro-Cuban drumming are popular elements of world music.

What was one function the visual arts served in West Africa?
a) They were used in rituals.
b) They were put in museums.
c) They were sold at auctions
d) They were given to leaders.

Which of the following are examples of West African music?
a) call and response, ngoni, kora, drumming, and dance
b) call and response, terra-cotta, proverbs
c) call and response, ngoni, applique, and dance
d) call and response, griot, kora, drumming, and dance

The painter Pablo Picasso was influenced by what form of West African art?
a) masks
b) kente cloth
c) baskets
d) ceramic containers

Which of the following is NOT an example of the influence of West African visual arts on our lives today?
a) People write using calligraphy for important occasions.
b) Kente cloth is worn around the world and some designs are repeated in tattoo art.
c) Basket making is still a popular trade in the American South.
d) Forms of art called cubism, fauvism, and expressionism were influenced by African masks, especially Picasso’s _Les Mademoisel

What was one important function of the oral tradition in Africa?
a) preserving history
b) extending influence
c) entertainig visitors to Africa
d) encouraging respect for diversity

Which of the following are examples of West African visual arts?
a) terra-cotta, masks, kente cloth, applique, baskets
b) terra-cotta, ngoni, kente cloth, applique, drums
c) terra-cotta, masks, kente cloth, kora, proverbs
d) terra-cotta, marimba, kente cloth, balafon, baskets

A technique in which shaped pieces of fabric are attached to a background fabric to form a design is called
a) applique
b) ngoni
c) terra-cotta
d) kente cloth

One traditional West African instrument is made of wooden bars attached to a horizontal frame. It is:
a) the balafon
b) the ngoni
c) the kora
d) the marimba

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