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These Questions Will Take You Over The Major Points You Have Learned In This Course.

What did the Mongols do for the cross cultural interactions ?
a) A ) They brought the plague into the New World
b) B ) They decreased the population
c) C ) They connected to the Afro Eurasion networks in the 13th century
d) D ) The mongol men and women were treated the same

What are city states ?
a) A ) Independent city surrounded by its territories
b) B ) A city with no purpose
c) C ) Independent state
d) D ) State with no control

What did the Mongol empire do for central Eurasia ?
a) A ) Help build up the government
b) B ) Converted everybody to christianity
c) C ) The spread of the Black Death
d) D ) Introduced new technology

Define Commerce.
a) A) Buying and selling goods on a larger scale
b) B ) Comparing goods
c) C ) Selling spices
d) D ) Spreading religion

What was the social system in medieval Europe ?
a) A ) Social Hierarchy
b) B ) Reformations
c) C ) Foot binding
d) D ) Feudalism

The influence of Islam on Southeast Asia is .....
a) A) Imperialism
b) B ) Cultural Diffusion
c) C ) Migration
d) D ) Trade

Why did the Afro-Eurasian cities grow during the 1000-1450 ?
a) A ) Climate change
b) B ) Agriculture productivity
c) C ) Increased interregional trade
d) D ) Decreased interregional trade

What is it called when people scatter all around ?
a) A) Diaspora
b) B ) Geonocide
c) C) Immigration
d) D ) Reform

The most popular disease/epidemic during the 14th C.E. ?
a) A) Islam
b) B) COVID-19
c) C ) Spanish Flu
d) D) Black Death

True or False: Women in China had to go through a foot binding process.
a) A) True
b) B) False
c) C ) I'm not sure
d) D) I have somewhat of a clue what the answer is.

What was the major trade between Asia and Europe ?
a) A) Transatlantic
b) B) Trans Saharan
c) C) SIlk Roads
d) D) Slave trade

What religion did China take in during the classical period ?
a) A) Islam
b) B) Buddhism
c) C) Christianity
d) D) Confucianism

What do Buddhism and Christanity have in common ?
a) A) They have polytheasic beliefs
b) B) They encourage their followers to spread love and compassion
c) C) They are non-theistic
d) D) None of the above

Who was Mansa Musa ?
a) A) The richest man in history
b) B) The 14th century emperor of the Mali empire
c) C) A muslim scholar who traveled the Old World
d) D) A and B

Who defeated the Spanish Armada in 1558?
a) A) Anne Brooklyn
b) B) Queen Elizabeth II
c) C ) Queen of Scotts
d) D) Elizabeth 1

Why is Ibn Butattu important?
a) A)He was a muslim traveler.
b) B) He wrote one of the most famous travel logs in history
c) C) All of the above
d) D ) His great work that describes the people , places , and cultures that he encountered in his journeys.

This was a German professor of theology and who changed the perspective of Christinaity?
a) A ) Martin Luther
b) B) John Calvin
c) C) Ibn Butattu
d) D) Mansa Musa

What was the point of the Silk Roads ?
a) A) Trade routes for goods only
b) B) Trade routes for diseases only
c) C) Trade routes for goods, ideas, technology and diseases
d) D) None of the above

Who was the founder of the Safavid dynasty from 1501-1524?
a) A )Shah Isami
b) B) Ibn Butattu
c) C )Martin Luther
d) D ) Akbar

Who was the Mughal emperor from 1556 to 1605?
a) A) Babur
b) B )Akbar the Great
c) C )Jahangir
d) D )Shah Jahn

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