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1.0 mL is equal to
a) 1.0 cc
b) 2.0 cc
c) 2.0 mL
d) 1.0 g

To find the volume of a stone, use
a) length x width x height
b) a triple beam balance
c) length/ width/height
d) water displacement

If a graduated cylinder's water level reads 50.0 mL, and you add a rock to it so the water level rises to 54.0 mL, what is the volume of the rock?
a) 104.0 cc
b) 104.0 mL
c) 4.0 cc
d) 54.0 cc

When reading a graduated cylinder, which part of the meniscus should you read?
a) the top of the curve
b) the bottom of the curve
c) the middle of the curve
d) the beginning of the curve

A graduated cylinder is used to measure
a) mass
b) weight
c) length
d) volume

The curve in the liquid is called the
a) meniscus
b) volume
c) matter
d) mass

The basic unit of volume is
a) the liter
b) gram
c) the mass
d) the milliliter

Archimedes explained
a) buoyancy
b) volume
c) mass
d) DNA

What is the volume of a box whose length is 7.0 cm, width is 5.5 cm and height is 2.5 cm?
a) 96.3 cc
b) 97.0 cc
c) 15.0 cc
d) 96.2 cc

Graduated cylinders measure in
a) milliliters
b) grams
c) centimeters
d) millimeters

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