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Content Check 9.

Amos is angered by Israel’s disregard for God’s Law because
a) It was lovingly designed to protect the people
b) It meant that God was going to come and destroy them
c) He was too legalistic
d) He is the one who wrote the laws

Amos says that the LORD
a) Does not love the Judahites but loves the Israelites
b) Does not love sinners
c) Does not love processions, sacrifices, and hymn singing if they do not come from sincere hearts
d) Does not love the King and therefore must be replaced

Hosea is the first book to feature the relationship between God and Israel as
a) A farmer tilling the soil
b) A marriage
c) A camel and a mouse
d) A castle and a guard

Hosea is saying that God will
a) Wipe out the Israelites because they deserve it
b) Rebuild a temple for them that will last forever
c) Destroy the temple for their rebelliousness
d) Not wipe out the Israelites even though they deserve it

Amos believes that
a) Human rights matter
b) Wealth is a gift from good for the ones who remain holy
c) Poverty is a punishment for doing wicked deeds
d) Human right do not matter

Amos was a
a) Farmer and baker from Israel
b) Blacksmith and potter from Assyria
c) Shepherd and tree dresser from Judah
d) Butcher and candlestick maker from Babylon

Amos made a prediction that
a) A tsunami would occur
b) An earthquake would happen
c) A tornado would strike
d) A hurricane would devastate

Amos compared the rich women of Israel to
a) Frolicking Squirrels
b) Happy gophers
c) Stubborn Ostriches
d) Fat cattle

Hosea was married to woman named
a) Dorcas, who was a wealthy aristocratic woman who was very loving and faithful to her husband
b) Jezebel, who was an evil queen
c) Gomer, who was unfaithful to her husband
d) Liliuokalani, who was a wonderful cook and fed the whole kingdom

Who symbolically named his children “Shameful Butchery”, “Not Pitied”, and “Not My People”
a) Jeremiah
b) Isaiah
c) Ezekiel
d) Amos

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