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What form of shelter did settlers use because of the lack of trees on the Great Plains?
a) teepee
b) mud house
c) sod house
d) log cabin

Which two immigrant groups suffered discrimination during the building of the Transcontinental Railroad?
a) Chinese and Irish
b) Chinese and English
c) English and Polish
d) Irish and Polish

How did the dry climate of the west influence farmers?
a) special fertilizers were used to make farming in the dry climate possible
b) new techniques such as dry farming and windmills were used in farming
c) farmers were forced to leave the west and return east
d) Indians worked with western farmers to teach them new farming methods

Which best describes ONE of the reasons why American settlers went west?
a) more deer to hunt and use for food
b) a desire to be around more people and buildings
c) better weather conditions on the Plains
d) a new beginning for former enslaved African Americans

Before the Civil War, settlers perceived the Plains as a “treeless wasteland”. What caused them to change their perceptions?
a) new farming technology and the discovery that cattle could graze on the land
b) the building of the transcontinental railroad and steamships
c) the warring Native Americans and the killing of the buffalo
d) the creation of the automobile and the rise of business and industry

How did the invention of barbed wire and the steel plow influence the westward movement?
a) It improved tobacco farming in Virginia.
b) It improved railroad construction.
c) It allowed people to move to more challenging environments.
d) It allowed farmers to plant more crops.

Which of the following men fought in the Battle of Little Big Horn?
a) George Custer
b) Abraham Lincoln
c) Chief Joseph
d) Teddy Roosevelt

How did the Homestead Act encourage people to move West?
a) It promised protection from Native Americans.
b) It offered free land to those willing to farm it.
c) It offered mines to gold prospectors.
d) It set up reservations for freed African Americans.

Why was the transcontinental railroad built?
a) to link the Atlantic and Pacific coasts
b) to employ thousands of immigrants
c) to prevent settlers from moving west
d) to link northern and southern states

After the Civil War, “...advances in transportation linked resources, products, and markets.” This statement from the SOLs refers to what type of transportation?
a) wagon
b) planes
c) trains
d) ships

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