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What is the point of origin of an earthquake?
a) Epicenter
b) aftershock
c) foreshock
d) focus

What is the point on the surface nearest the earthquake?
a) epicenter
b) aftershock
c) foreshock
d) focus

What is the immediate energy source of an earthquakes?
a) Potential elastic energy in the mantal
b) Thermal energy in the litoshere
c) Kinetic mechanical energy in the litoshere
d) Potential, elastic energy in the litoshere

In what order do earthquake waves arrive at seismic stations?
a) P- waves, S-waves, Surface waves
b) Varties depending on the location
c) Surface waves the Body waves
d) S-waves, P-Waves, Surface waves

Which earthquakes travel through the earth\'s mantle?
a) S- waves
b) Neither P or S waves
c) Both P and S waves
d) P-waves

Which earthquakes travel through the earth\'s core?
a) P-waves
b) Neither P or S waves
c) Both P and S waves
d) S-waves

Which waves cause the greatest amount of damage?
a) Surface Waves
b) P- waves
c) S- waves
d) Body waves

Which of the following is not associated with earthquake destruction?
a) High winds
b) Tsunamis
c) mass wasting- such as landslides
d) fires

Liquefaction occurs when..
a) the earthquake breaks the sediment particles into smaller pieces
b) sediment melt due to masive forces
c) loose saturated soil turns into liquid that can\'t support buildings
d) movement evaporates water in the pores of the sediment

What is a fault?
a) a place where earthquakes cannot occur
b) another name for an earthquake
c) the place on the Earth\'s surface where structures move durning a earthquake
d) a fracture in the Earth where movement has occured

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