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What does the word knapsack mean?
a) A bag to carry made out of plastic
b) A bag to carry item that goes on your back- made out of leather, nylon or canvas
c) A bag made out of paper to carry in your hands
d) a surprise defense

What does surrender mean?
a) to hurt another person
b) to gain points
c) to win
d) to give up

what does massive retailiation mean in reguards to this book?
a) a large counterattack
b) use of nuclear weapons
c) to back down
d) the act of declaring

What does revenge mean?
a) to make peace
b) to overcome a contest or battle
c) to get back at a person
d) to hurt someone

Tantrum means
a) violent demonstration of rage or frustration
b) to keep peace
c) a person of low social class
d) a bag that you carry on your back

What is the theme of this book
a) war isnt fun
b) war is the best
c) war is helpful
d) war keeps peace

What is the conflict in the story?
a) Peter stole grandpa's false teeth
b) Grandpa has taken Peters room and Peter wants it back
c) Peter defends grandpa to his friends
d) Peter hates his grandfather and always will

A harbor is:
a) another word for ocean
b) another name for a puddle
c) a part of a body of water
d) water that collects in your bathtub

liverwurst is:
a) when your liver fails
b) a sausage that contains pork liver
c) a lower class citizen
d) to speak or treat rudely

A truce is:
a) to give up
b) a large counter attack
c) a type of sausage that contains pork liver
d) an agreement or treaty

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