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If you came from the southern forests, you traded to get what necessary resource?
a) salt
b) leather
c) koala nuts
d) gold

Because of its location, what role did Ghana play in North African trade?
a) middleman
b) consumer
c) gold miner
d) salt merchant

What is one way the king of Ghana preserved his power?
a) He maintained a large army.
b) He held court every week.
c) He wore colorful robes.
d) He fathered many sons.

The empire of Ghana fell, in part, because of
a) a loss of resources.
b) a failing economy.
c) a weak king.
d) an increase in corruption.

Ghana made money on trade by
a) taxing traders.
b) mining salt.
c) buying camels.
d) selling gold.

If you were to label a map to show North African trade with West Africa in about the year 1000, which of the following would you do?
a) Place Wangara south of Ghana and Taghaza in the desert.
b) Place Taghaza in the desert and Wangara in northern Ghana.
c) Place Taghaza on the coast of North Africa and Wangara south of Ghana.
d) Place Taghaza south of Ghana and Wangara in the desert.

Arab scholars described Ghana as a
a) land of gold.
b) land of taxes.
c) land of kings.
d) land of enchantment.

Which of the following factors increased trans-Saharan trade?
a) the introduction of camels
b) the population increase
c) the discovery of salt
d) the growth of cities

Why did the Wangarans trade silently?
a) to keep the locations of their gold mines a secret
b) because they disliked other traders
c) to have power over those with whom they traded
d) because they had no spoken language

Which of the following is NOT true of Taghaza
a) Taxes enriched their treasury.
b) They built their houses and their mosques with salt blocks.
c) No food was produced there.
d) It was located in the desert.

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