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Which of the following groups of settlements are arranged from smallest to largest?
a) extended-family community, village, city, kingdom
b) extended-family community, city, villlage, kingdom
c) villlage, extended-family community, city, kingdom
d) city, villlage, extended-family community, kingdom

What was one economic effect of the four vegetation zones in West Africa?
a) People from different zones traded with each other.
b) Most people lived in one zone.
c) Most people lived as nomads.
d) People from different zones spoke different languages.

How did kingdoms develop in West Africa?
a) Rulers of wealthy cities conquered other cities.
b) Rulers of small villages joined their fortunes.
c) Kings demanded tribute from conquered people.
d) Kings demanded protection from other kings.

Which of the following made West African farming more efficient?
a) iron tools
b) irrigation systems
c) terraced hills
d) improved seeds

What is one example of how geography affected the lives of people in West Africa?
a) They used the Niger River for trading.
b) Most people in West Africa worshiped the sun.
c) Most people in West Africa ate yams.
d) They used iron tools for farming.

The location of Jenne-Jeno made it ideal for
a) trade.
b) families.
c) housing.
d) governing.

How did extended-family communities deal with dangerous floods or enemies?
a) They joined other communities to form villages.
b) They offered gifts to the leaders of their enemies.
c) They lived in isolated areas far from danger.
d) They built walls around their communities.

What is missing from this sequence? efficient farming; ___________; people work in specialized trades; trade
a) population growth
b) isolated cities
c) improved technology
d) better housing

An area of tall grasses and scattered trees that has a long rainy season is most likely part of
a) the savanna.
b) the desert.
c) the sahel.
d) the forest.

Which of the following is NOT one of the great kingdoms of West Africa?
a) Nok
b) Ghana
c) Mali
d) Songhai

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