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The FFA Creed was written by:
a) E. M. Tiffany
b) I. M. Applegate
c) M. G. Case
d) Henry Remington

The first degree a high school FFA member can earn is the ___________ degree.
a) discovery
b) state
c) greenhand
d) chapter

The highest degree given out by the local FFA chapter is the
a) American
b) Discovery
c) Chapter
d) Greenhand

The year that females were allowed to become FFA members was
a) 1929
b) 1965
c) 1969
d) 1984

The NFA & FFA merged on this date:
a) 1917
b) 1944
c) 1965
d) 1969

The letters CDE stand for
a) Computer Desktop Environment
b) Career Development Event
c) Cold Dark Elephants
d) Chickens Digging Embryos

This marks the year the the Future Farmers became the National FFA
a) 1930
b) 1965
c) 1988
d) 1995

In 1988
a) the National FFA changed its name
b) the FFA creed was adopted
c) the South Lewis was re-established
d) the National Convention was moved from Kentucky to Indiana

The Smith Hughes act was passed in this year:
a) 1999
b) 1945
c) 1930
d) 1917

The following are eligible for FFA membership
a) anyone living on a farm
b) any student that wants to be part of a team
c) students enrolled in agricultural education
d) young pople with an interest in cows

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