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humans made
a) Phoenicians
b) tools and weapons from stone
c) Nineveh
d) they traded

southern Mesopotamia is called
a) Mesopotamia was
b) Mesopotamia means
c) Sumer
d) the writing system was called

Mesopotamia was
a) Babylonia was a
b) one of the first civilizations
c) Phoenicians
d) a modern society

a) lived in a new place
b) bought and sold goods
c) long, narrow waterway
d) add -ed to make simple past tense

Early humans were ______________; they hunted animals and gathered seeds, fruit and plants.
a) agriculture
b) hunter gatheres
c) crops
d) irrigation

is the basis of many languages, including English
a) Phoenicians
b) the Phoenician alphabet
c) the Sumerians developed
d) Phoenicians were

the capital of Assyria is
a) Nineveh
b) Phoenicians
c) bronze is
d) humans made

the Sumerian writing system was called
a) cuneiform
b) during the ice age
c) the rivers supplied
d) southern Mesopotamia called

During the Ice Age ______________ covered much of the earth.
a) glaciers
b) hunter-gatheres
c) irrigation
d) crops

An ____________ is a scienteist who digs up tools, pottery and human bones to study how early humans lived.
a) agriculture
b) archaeolgists
c) irrigation
d) hunter-gatheres

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