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Mesopotamia means
a) ancient
b) between 2 rivers
c) conquering warrior
d) China

the separate levels of people in a society are callled_________
a) ancient
b) classes
c) invaders
d) rulers

People who come to a counrty from another place to take over by force are _______________
a) societies
b) invaders
c) pyramids
d) early humans

_______________are ancient Egyptian tombs,
a) ancient
b) classes
c) pyramids
d) ruler

the first humans came to North America from Asia
a) during the ice age
b) early humans
c) humans made
d) bronze is

Phoenicians were
a) Phoenicians
b) humans made
c) they traded for
d) great sea traders and explorers

A pharoah was the _____________of Egypt.
a) ruler
b) Phoenicians
c) Nineveh
d) humans made

A ___________is a group of people living together.
a) society
b) classes
c) warriors
d) invaders

a) Mesopotamia was
b) one great Babylonian ruler was
c) # Babylonia was a
d) Mesopotamia means

early humans hunted
a) early humans
b) early humans gathered
c) animals
d) humans made

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