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A term for a noble or lord who had fled France an hoped to undo the Revolution and restore the Old Regime
a) delegate
b) royalist
c) emperor
d) Émigré

A term that referred to the trousers of the radical workers and shopkeepers during the French Revolution
a) lycée
b) plebiscite
c) san-culottes
d) émigrés

A member of the radical political club that made many of the government changes in September 1792
a) Plebiscite
b) Jacobin
c) concordat
d) royalist

Vote of the people, such as the one in France in 1800 to approve a new constitution
a) estate
b) mob
c) plebiscite
d) balance of power

An agreement, such as the one in which Napoleon and the pope agreed to change the Church-state relationship
a) concordat
b) Congress of Vienna
c) legitimacy
d) Concert of Europe

Napoleon's policy of using a blockade to isolate Great Britain from all other European nations
a) Holy Alliance
b) guerrilla
c) Continental System
d) Waterloo

Paris prison
a) Bastille
b) Concordat
c) Waterloo
d) blockade

Revolutionaries; people with extreme political views
a) royalists
b) radicals
c) mob
d) conservatives

League formed by Russia, Austria, and Prussia
a) Hundred Days
b) Holy Alliance
c) Peninsular War
d) Continental System

Napoleon´s last bid for power, which ended at Waterloo
a) balance of power
b) Holy Alliance
c) Hundred Days
d) Concert of Europe

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