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A saturated solution will usually dissolve more solid solute if it is
a) stirred
b) heated
c) cooled
d) frozen

A solution is more ___________ than a suspension
a) uniform
b) polar
c) non polar
d) none of the answers are correct

When a solid is dissolved in water, you can separate the two by
a) distillation
b) creating an emmulsion
c) filtering
d) evaporation

A saturated solution contains the greatest quantity of ________ that will dissolve in a given quantity of _________
a) solute / solvent
b) solute / solution
c) solvent / solute
d) solution / solvent

Electrons are distributed evenly over a(n) _____ molecule
a) polar
b) non polar
c) homogeneous
d) heterogeneous

A solution is an example of a ____________ mixture
a) heterogeneous
b) homogeneous
c) immiscible
d) miscible

Gases are less ____________ in warm water than in cold water
a) soluble
b) homogeneous
c) heterogeneous
d) uniform

A colloid that contains a mixture of immiscible liquids that stay together is a(n)
a) solute
b) solution
c) emmulsion
d) distillation

The scattering of light in a colloid is called the
a) Tyndal Effect
b) Repass Effect
c) Sebastian Effect
d) Bishop Effect

Do you know how to solve molarity problems?
a) Yes
b) No - practice problem on the worksheet!

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