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A heterogeneous mixture is one that is not
a) uniform throughout
b) easily mixed together
c) made of two or more liquids
d) edible

The particles in a colloid remain dispersed throughout the mixture because they
a) are very small
b) have a positive charge
c) have a negative charge
d) are different sizes

You can skim the fat off the top of a kettle of cold soup because fat is
a) made of small particles
b) less dense than water
c) an emulsion that remains dispersed throughout the soup
d) made of large particles that will not pass through a filter

Distillation can be used to separate solution of miscilble liquids because
a) different liquids have different boiling points
b) boiling breaks the chemical bonds within each liquid
c) denser liquids sink to the bottom
d) solids remain after the liquids are boiled away

What determines whether a mixture is a suspension of a colloid
a) number of particles
b) size of particles
c) distribution of particles
d) None of the answers are correct

Molarity is the concentration of a solution expressed as
a) moles of solvent per liter of solution
b) moles of solute per liter of solution
c) moles of solvent per 100 g of solution
d) moles of solute per 100 g of solution

Loose sugar dissolves much fater tha a sugar cube because loose sugar
a) has a greater surface area
b) has less kinetic energy
c) has a higher temperature
d) has greater surface tension

An unsaturated solution is one that
a) can dissolve more solute at the current conditions
b) will precipitate out all its dissolved solute
c) can dissolve more solute only if heated
d) can dissolve more solute only if the pressure is increased

Which states of matter can form solutions
a) gas / liquid
b) solid / solid
c) solid / liquid
d) all of the answers are correct

When a solution holds more dissolved solute than is needed to reach equilibrium at a given temperature, the solution is
a) distilled
b) condensed
c) saturated
d) supersaturated

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