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You can make a solute dissolve more quickly in a solvent by
a) adding more solute
b) removing some solvent
c) heating the solvent
d) adding ice

What happens when a supersaturate solution cools down
a) the solution starts to freeze at room temperature
b) the solute will crystallize out of the solution
c) the solute will rise to the top of the solution
d) the solution will accept even more solute

Some types of peanut butter settle into two layers, a solid layer and a liquid layer. These peanut butters are
a) colloids
b) suspensions
c) sollutions
d) emulsions

Which is the most concentrated solution of sodium sulfate (Na2SO4)
a) 1.0 M Na2SO4
b) 4.0 M Na2SO4
c) 3.0 M Na2SO4
d) 2.0 M Na2SO4

An oatmeal raisin cookie is an example of
a) homogeneous mixture
b) solvent
c) solution
d) heterogeneous mixture

Two liquids that form a heterogeneous mixture is said to be
a) solutes
b) immiscible
c) colloids
d) miscible

Which of the following is an example of a homogeneous mixture
a) fog
b) grapefruit juice
c) paint
d) gasoline

The Tyndall effect is observed iin
a) alloys
b) colloids
c) solutions
d) solvents

Which would not increase the rate at which a sugar cube dissolves
a) reducing the amount of solvent
b) heating the solution
c) stirring the solution
d) crushing the sugar cube

Which mixture is a good example of the way a solute can affect the freezing point and boiling point of a solutions
a) sugar and water
b) silver chloride and water
c) olive oil and water
d) ethylene glycol and water

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