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From Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis Which of the following excerpts from the text is an unsupported inference?
a) To the role of first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy brought beauty, intelligence and acquired taste.
b) ...her social success did not prevent her from continuing her education.
c) Jackie had to adapt herself to the role of wife\'s most energetic pol. figures.
d) Thereafter it seemed the public would never allow her the privacy she desired for herself and her ch

From understanding the polygraph Which of the following is an unsupported inference?
a) Police will continue to use polygraphs as investigative tools.
b) Some forensic psychologists are more effective at their jobs than others.
c) A person wishing to become an FBI agent must pass a polygraph test....
d) The state...requirements for forensic psychophisiologists will change to federal requirements.

From Jacqueline ...Onassis
a) Jacqueline's upbringing prepared her for the role of first lady.
b) Jacqueline's upbringing provided little motivation for a career as a journalist.
c) Jacqueline used the media attention she received to promote her writing.
d) Jacqueline would haveliked to have lived in Greece with her second husband.

from float like a butterfly... Which statement is supported by the text?
a) Ali was an unhappy child who got into fights with classmates.
b) Ali enjoyed the attention he received while he was a boxing star.
c) Ali's childhood experiences were the inspiration for his humanitarian work.
d) Ali's fame was difficult for his family, so he did his best to avoid reporters.

from Jacqueline... Which statement is supported by the text?
a) Jacqueline had a difficult childhood.
b) The media followed Jacqueline's life closely.
c) The media was critical of Jacqueline's choice to marry Onassis.
d) Jacqueline published several controversial books while at Doubleday.

from float like a butterfly Which statement is supported by the text?
a) Ali is a good role model for young people.
b) Ali spent his money on programs for the poor.
c) Ali went to Iraq because...he felt sorry for those serving in the war.
d) Ali used nature, particularly insects, as inspiration for his advanced boxing techniques.

from Jacqueline... Which statement is supported by the text?
a) Jacqueline preferred politics to journalism.
b) Jacqueline would have preferred to live in france.
c) jacqueline resented the media attention her children attracted.
d) Jacqueline used her role as first lady to promote her personal interests.

Ffrom float like a butterfly...which of the following is an unsupported inference?
a) He could also spout words no one saw coming. In fact, some called him the Louisville Lip.
b) Today, it seems that few of our athletes can be considered any kind of role model at all.
c) Ali's quick wit and lightning fast speed are matched by his giant heart and... humanitarian spirit.
d) For all his feigned pride, Ali is a down to earth man.

From understanding a polygraph which of the following is an unsupported inference?
a) In the near future, the U.S. Government will hold statistics on the people who fail polygraphs.
b) Many forms of polygraph were tested before the modern-day polygraph was invented.
c) If a would-be government employee fails a polygraph, he or she will not get a government job.
d) If a person is not truthful during a polygraph test, he or she may still pass the test.

From the Amish Style of Dress, which of these is an unsupported nference?
a) Rather, this name describes the Amish because of their style of dress.
b) They are more skilled at sewing than most other Americans.
c) Men are clean shaven before...and wear beards after they are married?
d) The Amish create durable, functional clothing in which to go about their lives.

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