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The ____________ class become Twain's audience and bought his books in huge numbers.
a) upper
b) lower
c) middle
d) royal

Why does George not just tell the ladies why he can't get out of the carriage in The Story Without an End?
a) His personality won't permit it.
b) He can't speak.
c) The ladies won't let him get a word in edgewise.
d) It doesn't say.

Mark Twain owned the first private _____________ in the country.
a) radio
b) telephone
c) elevator
d) telegraph

Which president's memoirs did Mark Twain publish?
a) Abraham Lincoln
b) Harry Truman
c) Ulysses S. Grant
d) J. Edgar Hoover

Why has Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, been considered controversial in the 124 years since its publication?
a) The narrator is vulgar, illiterate juvenile delinquent.
b) The novel harshly criticizes a racist society that condoned slavery.
c) The novel has been considered brutal, ugly, and racist.
d) All of the above.

Are Huck and Jim friends?
a) Yes
b) No

In the climactic scene of the novel, why does Huck think he has condemned himself to hell?
a) He is ungrateful to the Widow Douglas and Miss Watson.
b) He is friends with Tom Sawyer, and Miss Watson knows Tom won't go to heaven.
c) He has betrayed his friend Jim.
d) He has helped a runaway slave escape his rightful owner.

What is the term for a narrator that seems to lack credibility?
a) false narrator
b) bad narrator
c) un-credible narrator
d) unrealiable narrator

What theory does Twain claim he must renounce his allegiance to in The Lowest Animal?
a) Creationism
b) Darwinism
c) Humanism
d) Evolutionism

At age 22, Twain found his dream job on a ________________.
a) farm
b) barge
c) sailboat
d) steamboat

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