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Who is writing all of the letters?
a) the Monster
b) Elizabeth Lavenza
c) Robert Walton
d) Dr. Frankenstein

Who is Henry Clerval in relation to Victor?
a) His father
b) His cousin
c) HIs uncle
d) His best friend

What sort of science is Victor studying?
a) Biology
b) Phsyics
c) Alchemy
d) Zoology

Why is Justine Moritz imprisoned?
a) Killing William
b) Killing Elizabeth
c) Stealing from the Frankensteins
d) Creating the Monster

What does the creature ask of Victor?
a) To kill him
b) To create a bride for him
c) To feed him
d) To be his friend

How does the Monster learn to speak?
a) He observes a family
b) He reads books
c) He never speaks
d) Victor teaches him

What happens after Victor destroys his second creation?
a) He retires from science
b) There were no consequences
c) the Monster kills Victor
d) the Monster kills Elizabeth

What figure does Walton allude to in the opening letter?
a) Cornelius Agrippa
b) Prometheus
c) Galileo
d) the Ancient Mariner

Who does the Monster compare himself to?
a) Adam
b) Judas
c) Moses
d) Jesus

What is Walton wanting to explore?
a) the North Pole
b) the Bermuda Triangle
c) Iceland
d) the Arctic Circle

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