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It is
a) its
b) it's
c) its'
d) i'ts

Belonging to it
a) it's
b) its
c) its'
d) i'ts

They are
a) their
b) they're
c) there
d) theyr

Belonging to them
a) theyre
b) they're
c) their
d) there

a) there
b) they're
c) their
d) theyre

Belonging to you
a) you're
b) your
c) yer
d) youns

You are.
a) you're
b) yer
c) youns
d) your

Which sentence uses correct noun-pronoun agreement?
a) I couldn't go to Brad's house because their parents were out of town.
b) I helped Sheila with her homework.
c) The restaurant was forced to close after its got a failing grade from the health inspector.
d) Everyone take out their papers.

Which sentence contains a dangling modifier? Hint: it will sound confusing come at the end.
a) Running for the bus, my sister fell in the mud
b) Running for the bus, my book fell in the mud
c) Running for the bus, I fell in the mud.
d) While I was running for the bus, my book fell in the mud

Which sentence does NOT contain a dangling modifier?
a) Upon entering the science classroom, a skeleton caught my attention.
b) Running for the bus, my purse fell in the mud.
c) Driving to the store, my grocery list blew out the window.
d) The nice lab equiptment caught my eye as I walked into the science classroom.

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