Doctrinal Mastery Question Preview (ID: 53350)

I Am Doing A Demo So That We Can See If This Can Work.[print questions]

Doctinal Mastery is designed to help us
a) yes
b) no
c) maybe

lets see what this does
a) big
b) little
c) small

one two three
a) thisone
b) is nubmer
c) three
d) not this one

miss tootsie
a) this bbq
b) looks
c) really
d) good

last test
a) no
b) no
c) no
d) yes

people to help
a) snows
b) bbq
c) fran
d) fran

a) gless
b) you
c) famns
d) fans

that is sad
a) what
b) are
c) you
d) eating

he died too
a) tired
b) tired
c) awake
d) tired

we have to do ten
a) one
b) two
c) he
d) ou

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