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History Chapter 8 Part 2.[print questions]

What was the armed protest over Hamilton's taxes known as
a) Whiskey Rebellion
b) Bill of Rights
c) Jay's Treaty
d) French Revolution

To open Ohio to white settlement, Anthony Wayne forced 12 Native American nations from the Great Lakes region to sign
a) Jay's Treaty
b) Treaty of Greenville
c) Pinckney Treaty
d) Bill of Rights

What did the Proclamation of Neutrality do?
a) Stated Americans could not fight in the war between Britain and France
b) Allowed U.S. ships to trade in the Caribbean
c) Gave Americans access to the Mississippi River
d) Allowed no forts on U.S. land

What is NOT true about Jay's Treaty?
a) It was an agreenment with Britain.
b) Allowed no French or British warships in American ports.
c) Allowed U.S. ships to trade in the Caribbean
d) Stated that the British would withdraw from th U.S.

Favoring one side of a political issue
a) Sedition
b) Precedent
c) Partisan
d) Neutrality

To prepare for an election, the Federalists and the Republicans held meetings called
a) political meetings
b) party meetings
c) caucuses
d) electional meetings

Who became the second president of the United States?
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) Alexander Hamilton
c) John Adams
d) Benjamin Franklin

The Democratic-Republicans believed in
a) national banks
b) strong state governments
c) rule by the wealthy
d) protective tariffs

Federalists believed in
a) rule by the people
b) free trade
c) national bank
d) strong state governments

Which view was NOT held by Federalists?
a) Rule by the wealthy
b) strong state government
c) national bank
d) protective tariffs

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