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Sara walked north at 100 m/s. Han had a different velocity but the same speed. He could have walked
a) north at 200 m/s
b) north at 100 m/s
c) west at 100 m/s
d) south at 50 m/s

Jess drives at a steady velocity. Her acceleration is
a) equal to zero
b) at a right angle to her motion
c) opposite to her motion
d) in the same direction as her motion

Acceleration measures a change in
a) location
b) velocity
c) position
d) direction

On a velocity-time graph, a line that is slanted down from left to right shows
a) negative acceleration
b) steady acceleration
c) zero acceleration
d) positive acceleration

A change of position over time is called
a) acceleration
b) distance
c) location
d) motion

Lisa is watching a friend run a race. What does she need to know to find her friend\'s speed?
a) distance and time
b) time and motion
c) distance and position
d) position and motion

Callie walked 18m in 12s. She did not walk at a steady speed, so 1.5 m/s was her
a) acceleration
b) velocity
c) direction
d) average speed

A ball is rolling in a straight line. John kicks the ball at a 90 degree angle. What will happen?
a) The speed of the ball will increase.
b) The ball will stop moving.
c) The direction of motion of the ball will change.
d) The velocity of the ball will not change.

Velocity is different from speed because velocity also includes
a) motion
b) direction
c) distance
d) acceleration

Martin walks one mile west. Maya walks one mile east in the same amount of time. They have
a) the same velocity
b) differenct average speeds
c) different velocities
d) the same motion

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