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To specify the position of an object, you need to know
a) its motion
b) a reference point
c) its speed
d) a unit of measure

Which tells you how quickly an object changes position?
a) direction
b) relative motion
c) speed
d) observation

To find the speed of an object in motion, you need to measure
a) time and direction
b) distance and direction
c) time and velocity
d) distance and time

Which of these formulas shows the relationship among speed, time, and distance?
a) S=td
b) S=d/t
c) S=t+d
d) t=Sd

A flat, or horizontal, line on a distance-time graph means that the speed is
a) increasing
b) decreasing
c) higher than average
d) zero

Motion is a change in
a) position over time
b) speed over time
c) velocity over time
d) acceleration over time

Jenna knows that a friend runs 100m in 8s. She could use this to calculate her friend's
a) position
b) motion
c) speed
d) acceleration

Jake walks 100m in 50s, moving at different speeds. Dividing 100m by 50s gives you Jake's
a) acceleration
b) average speed
c) direction
d) velocity

Elena is riding her bicycle. She begins pedaling harder. What do you predict will happen?
a) Her velocity will decrease.
b) Her acceleration will decrease.
c) Her speed will increase.
d) Her position will not change.

Speed in a specific direction is
a) acceleration
b) distance
c) position
d) velocity

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