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A machine is a:
a) tool that make work harder
b) tool that makes work fun
c) tool that makes work easier
d) tool that makes you take longer

An object moved by a lever is called a:
a) pile
b) load
c) heap
d) bunch

A single pulley changes
a) the direction of an object
b) the force of the object
c) the weight of the object
d) the length of the object

A block and tackle
a) increases force
b) decreases force
c) stops the force
d) has no change on the force

An incline plane makes it
a) harder to lift an object
b) so the object weighs more
c) easier to lift an object
d) so that the object will go in the other direction

An example of an incline plane is a
a) parking garage ramp
b) a knife
c) a stool
d) a lid for a jar

What does NOT help to stop friction?
a) lubricant
b) soap
c) ball bearings
d) rubbing to objects together

How does friction affect the motion of a cart?
a) speeds up the cart
b) slows the cart down
c) pulls the cart down the ramp
d) makes the cart go further

What tool would you use to measure the mass of a block of wood?
a) A ruler
b) a cyclinder
c) a spring scale
d) a gram mass balance

Gravity is
a) what pushes objects towards the sky
b) the pull between the earth and other objects
c) what makes people jump high
d) how fast you can drive your car

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