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Why might a dam be built?
a) all answers are correct
b) manage water
c) control flooding
d) harness power

Why is chlorine used in water treatment
a) to prevent and kill bacteria
b) remove unwanted elements
c) bind with impurities
d) imporve flavor

What is an easy way to save water?
a) change to low flow shower head
b) change to top load washing machine
c) do smaller loads of laundry
d) take a bath instead of shower

These may be used to divert needed water or connect bodies of water
a) canals
b) aquifers
c) resevoir
d) dams

What that collects behind a dam is called a
a) resevoir
b) aquifer
c) watershed
d) recharge zone

The expensive process of removing salt from water is called
a) desalination
b) hydroelectric
c) permeable
d) filtration

Acid rain can usually be found
a) downwind of the creator
b) industrial areas
c) in rainy but not snowy areas
d) upstream of the creator

How does industry use water
a) all answers are correct
b) as power
c) to cool machines
d) to get rid of wastes

Acid rain is created from
a) burning of fossil fuels
b) depletion of ozone
c) break down of CFCs
d) ethonal use

A hydroelectric dam
a) generates power
b) is uncommon
c) cleans water
d) is only found in US

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