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What percentage of surface water is drinkable
a) 1
b) 75
c) 22
d) 3

Where is most of the drinkable water found?
a) frozen in icecaps and glaciers
b) in aquifers
c) in oceans
d) in lakes

How are groundwater and surface water related?
a) surface water trickles down through the soil to become ground water
b) surface water and ground water change places quickly
c) there is no relationship
d) groundwater moves up through the soil to become surface water

Several rivers that flow together are called a
a) river system
b) aquifer
c) recharge zone
d) watershed

An area drained by rivers is called a
a) watershed
b) aquifer
c) recharge zone
d) river system

An area of the Earth\'s surface where water percolates down into an aquifer
a) recharge zone
b) water ground
c) riversystem
d) watershed

Rocks can hold water because they are
a) porous
b) none of the above
c) impermeable
d) nonporous

The pH ramge of an aquifer might be
a) 2-8
b) 5-11
c) 5-8
d) 2-5

Water that is safe is called
a) potable
b) none of the above
c) desalified
d) carrable

Agriculture uses a large percentage of water to
a) irragate crops
b) run machinary
c) clean equipment
d) water cattle

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