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Political discussions would include talking about
a) government
b) farming
c) latest fashions
d) the next ball at the Governor's palace

The King of England chose
a) the Royal Governor of Virginia
b) representatives of the House of Burgesses
c) the minister of the church
d) none of these answers

Where did lawmakers meet to work in Williamsburg?
a) capitol building
b) Governor's Palace
c) shoemaker's shop
d) Raleigh Tavern

Williamsburg was the
a) center of culture
b) center of education
c) capitol of Virginia
d) all of these answers

What might happen at the Raleigh Tavern?
a) all of these answers
b) people would eat
c) people would discuss politics
d) they would play games

What might an apprentice learn?
a) skills to become a shoemaker
b) how to play a game at the tavern
c) how to do math problems
d) none of these answers

Girls attended school at
a) the College of William and Mary
b) dame school
c) Derby Hills Elementary
d) Wichita State University

Most of the people of Williamsburg attended what kind of church?
a) Anglican
b) Methodist
c) Baptist
d) Puritan

The Great Awakening changed church services. How were church services different after the Great Awakening?
a) people showed their emotions when at church
b) people built more churches
c) people slept in late on Sundays
d) people sang more songs in church

All people are important was a new idea that came about because of
a) the Great Awakening
b) the Bill of Rights
c) Equal Rights Movement
d) Martin Luther King, Jr.'s speeches

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