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a) Plug in
b) Smile
c) Go
d) eat

!Que lio!
a) How yummy!
b) How noisy!
c) What a mess!
d) What a problem!

El gato sucio
a) The dirty dog
b) The clean dog
c) The clean cat
d) The dirty cat

!Limpia la mesa!
a) The table is messy!
b) The dog is messy!
c) Clean the table!
d) Clean the dog!

!Enchufa la television!
a) Plug in the television!
b) Turn on the toaster!
c) Turn on the television!
d) Plug in the car!

La criada limpia
a) The cat cleans
b) The cat dirties
c) The maid cleans
d) The maid dirties

a) Tuesday
b) Monday
c) Thursday
d) Wednesday

a) Wednesday
b) Thursday
c) Monday
d) Tuesday

Huele mal
a) It smells good
b) It smells bad
c) It does not smell
d) Eat

La casa grande
a) The big house
b) The small house
c) The blue house
d) The big car

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