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Which choice has the terms listed from simple to most complex>
a) cell, organ, tissue, organ sytem, organism
b) cell, tissue, organ system, organism, organ
c) organism, organ system, organ, tissue, cell
d) Cell, tissue, organ, organ system, organism

Which component of blood carried oxygen around the body?
a) red blood cells
b) white blood cells
c) platelets
d) plasma

Which component of blood helps heal a wound?
a) plasma
b) red blood cells
c) platelets
d) hemoglobin

Which chamber of the heart receives oxygen rich blood that came from the lungs?
a) right ventricle
b) left ventricle
c) right atrium
d) left atrium

What are the small structures found within the lining of the small intestine that help absorb the nutrients?
a) bile
b) gall bladder
c) villi
d) appendix

The chemicals the bpdy produces to chemically digest food are called:
a) acid
b) juices
c) enzymes
d) catalysts

Where in the body does chemical and mechanical digestion begin to take place?
a) in the large intestine
b) in the pancreas
c) in the liver
d) in the mouth

The soft spongy material in the center canal of large bones that produces red blood cells is called
a) joints
b) cartilage
c) compact bone
d) marrow

Which statement below is NOT a function of the digestive system?
a) Break down food into particles the body can use
b) absorb nutrients from the food into the blood
c) remove waste from the body
d) produce energy for the body

A group of cells working together is called a
a) organ
b) tissue
c) organism
d) organ system

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