Human Body Test 1 Question Preview (ID: 5314)

Skeletal, Muscular, Circulatory And Digestive Systems.[print questions]

Which substance is found around the edges of bone at joints to reduce friction?
a) spongy bone
b) cartilage
c) bone marrow
d) tendons

Which is NOT a function of the skeletal system?
a) Stores calcium and other minerals
b) produces red blood cells
c) Protects organs
d) makes fat cells

Why do muscles have to work in pairs?
a) muscles can only push the bone down
b) muscles can only contract
c) muscles need to be twisted
d) the tendons won't work unless they are paired

Where in the body are foods chemically digested and their nutrients absorbed into the bloodstream?
a) large intestine
b) small intestine
c) liver
d) colon

What is the main difference between chemical and mechanical digestion?
a) chemical digestion uses enzymes to chemically break down the food and mechanical digestion does not
b) mechanica digestion uses enzymes to chemically break down the food and chemical digestion does not
c) chemical digestion only changes the size of the food particles
d) mechanical and chemical digestion are the same.

Which susbtance is absorbed from the waste on the large intestine before elimination?
a) water
b) fats
c) vitamins
d) carbohydrates

Which susbtances does the blood deliver to the cells for energy production?
a) sugar and carbon dioxide
b) sugar and oxygen
c) sugar only
d) water only

Which type of muscle makes up the heart?
a) skeletal muscle
b) cardiac muscle
c) smooth muscle
d) the heart is not made of muscle

Which type of blood vessel takes blood away from the heart?
a) artery
b) vein
c) capillary
d) coronary artery

Which chamer of the heart pumps the oxygen rich blood to the body?
a) right atrium
b) left atrium
c) left ventricle
d) right ventricle

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