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During diffusion molecules move:
a) randomly back and forth.
b) from areas of high concentration to low concentration.
c) down the hall to the water fountain
d) from areas of low concentration to high concentration.

The cell membrane:
a) is a pigment used in photosynthesis.
b) is hard and rigid.
c) is hard and rigid.
d) protects the cell from its environment.

Osmosis is the diffusion of:
a) sugar.
b) all small molecules.
c) oxygen.
d) water.

During ____, plants use sunlight to produce carbohydrates.
a) diffusion.
b) photosynthesis.
c) cellular respiration.
d) active transport.

Photosynthesis takes place in the:
a) cell membrane.
b) cell\'s solar panels.
c) chloroplasts.
d) vacuoles.

Light consists of waves known as the ____.
a) short wave length chart.
b) electromagnetic spectrum.
c) visible light
d) high energy.

Energy is stored in a molecule called:
a) water.
b) DNA
c) Mickey.
d) ATP.

Cellular respiration takes place in the ____.
a) vacuole.
b) mitochondria.
c) environment outside of a cell.
d) cell membrane.

What is the volume of a cube that is 3 cm on each side?
a) 3 cm3
b) 27 cm3
c) 9 cm3
d) 6 cm3

____ is how we see the energy of light.
a) Black light waves
b) A lamp
c) Wavy lines
d) Color

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