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Causes text to move automatically to a new line when the current line is full
a) Word Wrap
b) Character
c) Enter
d) Function Key

Inserts space between words and sentences
a) Space Bar
b) Enter Key
c) Delete Key
d) Character

Removes the character to the right of the insertion point
a) Delete
b) Backspace
c) Escape
d) Control Key

A letter, number, symbol, or space on the keyboard
a) Character
b) Software
c) Tab Key
d) Word Wrap

Number of standard words keyed in one minute
a) Gross Words A Minute
b) Function Keys
c) Alternate Key
d) Control Key

Causes the insertion point to move to the left margin and down to the next line
a) Enter
b) Word Wrap
c) Tab Key
d) Space Bar

Closes a software menu or dialog box
a) Escape
b) Cursor
c) Home Keys
d) Shift Key

A S D F J K L ;
a) Home Keys
b) Shift Keys
c) Function Keys
d) Alternate Keys

Deletes the character to the left of the insertion point
a) Backspace
b) Delete
c) TAb key
d) Caps Lock

The movable indicator on a monitor that indicates the place for editing a document
a) cursor
b) space bar
c) tab key
d) character

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