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Jackie was filled with mortification, or shame, because of her careless remark.
a) shame
b) mean
c) classy
d) laziness

The events for the conference were listed in chronological order. They began with the first event of the day and ended with the closing ceremonies in the evening.
a) broken
b) out of order
c) in order
d) crazy order

There was crazy pandemonium as people were trying to leave the rock concert.
a) Craziness or chaos
b) peace
c) silence
d) order

The man was sent to the penitentiary, or prison, for stealing cars.
a) pen factory
b) science lab
c) rock school
d) prison

Precipitation, such as rain and snow, falls from the sky.
a) water that falls from the sky
b) thunder
c) evaporation
d) a school project

My dog was devoted, he was always with me as if he were my best friend.
a) rabies infected
b) hateful
c) loyal
d) playful

Exercise is as beneficial to you as is eating healthy food.
a) bad for you
b) good for you
c) harmful
d) fun

Lee was always argumentative, unlike his older sister who was very polite and nice.
a) likes to fight
b) peaceful
c) special
d) polite and nice

Her vivacious personality is contagious. She is so full of life; a party is always a success with her in attendance.
a) strict
b) ugly
c) boring
d) happy

In the pirate story, there were the good guys against the buccaneers who were trying to steal the treasure
a) pirates
b) teachers
c) actors
d) silly people in uniforms

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