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Which human organ system eliminates liquid and gaseous wastes from the body?
a) excretory
b) endocrine
c) circulatory
d) reproductive

Which human organ system produces hormones to regulate growth, development, and reproduction?
a) endocrine
b) digestive
c) nervous
d) circulatory

In all of these organisms, which microscopic structures carry out the major life functions?
a) cells
b) chloroplasts
c) wings
d) antennae

Insulin and glucagon are hormones that affect blood sugar levels. A feedback system is one way that the human body
a) maintains equilibrium
b) circulates gases
c) destroys viruses
d) transports nutrients

In humans, the amount of sugar in blood is controlled by the release of a hormone called insulin. This process is an example of
a) regulation
b) depletion
c) digestion
d) excretion

The nose, lungs and diaphragm are all part of what system?
a) respiratory system
b) skeletal system
c) digestive system
d) circulatory system

The interaction of the skeletal and muscular to produce locomotion is coordinated by
a) nervous
b) circulatory
c) excretory
d) respiratory

Which human body system produces the hormones to regulate growth?
a) endocrine
b) skeletal
c) digestive
d) circulatory

Infections may be caused by
a) microorganisms
b) mutations
c) toxic substances
d) climate changes

In order to survive, all organisms must have
a) energy
b) chlorophyll
c) carbon dioxide
d) blood

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