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Regents Multiple Choice Questions On The French Revolution And Napoleon (Ch. 18 Of Our Textbook) Through Aug. '07.[print questions]

The French people supported Napoleon Bonaparte because they hoped he would
a) adopt the ideas of the Protestant Reformation
b) restore Louis XVI to power
c) provide stability for the nation
d) end British control of France

Which list of French leaders is in the correct chronological order?
a) Louis XVI, Napoleon, Robespierre
b) Robespierre, Napoleon, Louis XVI
c) Louis XVI, Robespierre, Napoleon
d) Napoleon, Louis XVI, Robespierre

Which factors helped cause the defeat of Napoleon during his invasion of Russia?
a) the severe winters and large size of Russia
b) the many rivers and mountains of Russia
c) the coalition between the czar and the democratic leaders
d) the well trained and well supplied Russian army

Before the French Revolution, the people of France were divided into three estates based mainly on their
a) education level
b) geographic region
c) social class
d) religious beliefs

How did geography affect Napoleon's invasion of Russia?
a) Deserts made invasion possible
b) The climate created obstacles to success
c) The tundra enabled the movements of troops
d) Warm-water ports prevented the flow of supplies

One characteristic of the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution was that it
a) limited the power of absolute leaders
b) illustrated the power of public opinion
c) established stability and economic growth
d) used violent methods to eliminate their opponents

Which factors protected Russia from control by Napoleon's army?
a) religious and cultural similarities
b) industrialization and modernization
c) geographic size and location
d) political and economic instability

What was a major cause of the French Revolution?
a) inequalities in the tax structure
b) economic success of mercantilism
c) failure of the Congress of Vienna
d) Continental System in Europe

A study of the actions of the Jacobins during the French Revolution would indicate the revolutions sometimes
a) occur in a peaceful manner
b) gain the support of wealthy landowners
c) ignore urban workers
d) bring radicals to power

Which factor most hindered the efforts of Napoleon to conquer Russia?
a) climate
b) fortifications
c) advanced technology
d) lack of ports

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