Ming Dynasty And Tokugawa Japan Question Preview (ID: 5291)

Regents Multiple Choice Questions That Match Up W/ Chapter 16 Of Our Textbook. Through June '05.[print questions]

Throughout much of history, both China and Japan held a common view that other nations were
a) valued sources of worthwhile knowledge
b) envoys of advanced civilization
c) barbarians not worthy of their attention
d) sources of cheap labor and goods

Zheng He contributed to the prosperity of China under the Ming dynasty by
a) defeating the Manchu invaders
b) constructing the Great Wall along the northern frontier
c) expanding trade with nations of Asia and Africa
d) establishing colonies in Korea and Japan

The journals of early travelers such as Ibn Battuta of Morocco, Zheng He of China, and Mansa Musa of Mali are examples of
a) primary sources describing observations of the travelers
b) works of fiction intended to describe their adventures
c) secondary sources that record their interpretations
d) outdated resources for historical research

One result of the voyages of Zheng He was that
a) Chinese merchants began trading with Africa
b) Christian missionaries arrived in China
c) Indian artisans showed the Chinese how to make Ming porcelain
d) China set up colonies in Europe

Which statement best describes an impact of geography on the history of the Korean peninsula?
a) Large deserts have led to isolation
b) Location has led to invasion and occupation by other nations
c) Lack of rivers has limited food production
d) Lack of resources has prevented manufacturing

Italy, Korea, Spain, and India are similar in that each is considered
a) an archipelago
b) a peninsula
c) a landlocked nation
d) an island nation

When Koreans call their land a shrimp among whales, they are referring to
a) the mountains that cover much of the Korean peninsula
b) the environmental damage caused by overfishing
c) their location between powerful neighbors
d) their traditional respect for the sea

Which two cultures most influenced the development of early Japan
a) Greek and Roman
b) Chinese and Korean
c) Egyptian and Mesopotamian
d) Indian and Persian

Which statement about cultural diffusion in Asia is most accurate?
a) Byzantine traders brought the Justinian Code to China.
b) Roman legions introduced Christianity to India
c) Indian monks brought Islam to the Middle East
d) Chinese ideas and practices spread into Korea and Japan

Which statement about government during the Tokugawa period in Japan is most accurate?
a) The power of the emperor was absolute and supreme
b) The real power was held by foreign countries
c) Actual power was held by the shogun
d) Political power was in the hands of the merchant class.

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