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Which person would most likely agree with the divine right theory?
a) John Locke
b) Karl Marx
c) Elizabeth II
d) Louis XIV

The Magna Carta, the Glorious Revolution, and the writings of John Locke all contributed to Great Britain's development of
a) absolute monarchy
b) ethnic rivalries
c) parliamentary democracy
d) imperialist policies

The Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights are similar in that they both
a) reinforced the theory of divine right
b) decreased the rights of citizens
c) limited the power of the monarchy
d) encouraged colonialism

A similarity between Louis XIV, Phillip II, and Henry the VIII is that they were all
a) divine right monarchs
b) supporters of democracy
c) religious reformersq
d) leaders of the crusades

The primary goal of most of Europe's absolute monarchs was to
a) support political freedom for the new middle classes
b) prevent contact with areas beyond Europe's borders
c) centralize their political control over their nations
d) maintain peaceful relations with neighboring nations

One similarity between the rule of Peter the Great of Russia and that of Akbar the Great of India was that both leaders
a) implemented religious codes of conduct within their nations
b) modernized their empires using ideas from other cultures
c) relied on peaceful resolutions of conflicts with neighbors
d) introduced democratic ideas into their political systems

During the Age of Absolutism (1600s and 1700s), European monarchs tried to
a) increase individual rights for their citizens
b) develop stronger relations with Islamic rulers
c) encourage the growth of collective farms
d) centralize political power within their nations

Which of the following was most likely said by an absolute monarch?
a) The government that governs best, governs least.
b) I am the State.
c) The government must be based on a sound constitution
d) It is the parliament that must make the laws

The Glorious Revolution in England resulted in the
a) strengthening of divine right rule
b) formation of a limited monarchy
c) weakening of Parliament's power of the purse
d) end of civil liberties guaranteed by the Petition of Right

Which statement best describes a result of the Glorious Revolution in England (1688)?
a) England formed an alliance with France
b) The power of the monarchy was increased
c) Principles of limited government were strengthened.
d) England lost its colonial possessions

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