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Which situation was an immediate cause for the collapse of the Aztec civilization?
a) disruption of overseas trade networks
b) conquest by foreigners
c) a series of crop failures
d) a lack of military training

One way in which the Aztec and Inca civilizations are similar is that they both
a) defeated the Spanish conquistadors
b) developed advanced architectural techniques
c) lacked strong central governments
d) settled primarily in river valleys

One way the Incas adapted to their environment was by
a) building a network of roads through the mountains
b) growing rice as a major agricultural product
c) establishing an encomienda system
d) creating floating gardens

Inca terrace farming and Aztec floating gardens are examples of
a) civilizations adapting to geography
b) slash and burn farming techniques
c) Mesoamerican art forms
d) colonial economic policies

Which geographic feature had the greatest influence on the development of the Inca Empire?
a) deserts
b) irregular coastlines
c) river valleys
d) mountains

The ancient cultures of both the Incas and the Chinese adapted to the physical geography of their region by
a) developing terraced farming on hillsides
b) building chariots to protect their open plains against invaders
c) becoming maritime traders
d) constructing harbors to encourage exploration

A direct result of the conquest of Tenochtitlan by Hernan Cortes in 1521 was the
a) expulsion of Jews and Muslims from Spain
b) start of Portuguese trade routes around Africa
c) fall of the Aztec Empire
d) conquest of the Kush Kingdom

A study of Aztec, Maya, and Inca agricultural systems would show that these civilizations
a) relied on mechanized agricultural techniques
b) carried on extensive food trade with each other
c) adapted to their environments with creative farming techniques
d) relied on a single crop economy

Which technological helped unify both the Roman andt Inca Empires
a) astrolabe
b) road system
c) gunpowder
d) wheeled carts

The archaeological evidence found at the Mesoamerican sites of Tenochtitlan and Machu Picchu suggests that these societies
a) consisted of hunters and gatherers
b) were highly developed and organized cultures
c) practiced a monotheistic religion
d) followed a democratic system

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