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A major goal of the Christian Church during the Crusades (1096-1291) was to
a) establish Christianity in western Europe
b) capture the Holy Land from Islamic rulers
c) unite warring Arab peoples
d) strengthen English dominance in the Arab world

An important contribution of the Byzantine Empire to Russia is the establishment in Russia of
a) Orthodox Christianity
b) representative democracy
c) a free-market economy
d) a jury system

A direct result of the Crusades was that
a) the pope lost control of the Church
b) Europeaincreased demand for goods from the East
c) Christians gained permanent control of the Holy Land
d) nobles gained power over the monarchs

Which development in Russian history led to the other three?
a) Orthodox Christianity was adopted in Russia
b) Trade developed linking Russia and the Byzantines
c) The Russians adapted the Cyrillic alphabet for use
d) Russian rulers took the title of czar, or caesar

Which statement best describes the role of the Roman Catholic Church in Europe during the Middle Ages?
a) The Church encouraged individuals to question authority
b) Church leaders were only involved in spiritual activities
c) The Church gained power as people became secular
d) The Church provided a sense of stability, unity, and order

Which cultural element spread from the Byzantine Empire to early Russia?
a) Latin language
b) democratic ideas
c) Orthodox Christianity
d) silk cloth

The Byzantine Empire made its most important contribution to later civilizations by
a) recognizing the Pope as the head of the Byzantine Church
b) preserving much of the Greco-Roman heritage
c) establishing trade routes to the Americas
d) encouraging the spread of Buddhism

Which situation is considered a cause of the other three?
a) development of a European middle class
b) increase in European demand for Eastern goods
c) European renewal of interest in learning
d) European involvement in the Crusades

During the early Middle Ages, western European societies were most influenced by
a) national monarchies
b) the Roman Catholic Church
c) elected parliaments
d) the Byzantine emperors

The Eastern Orthodox Church and the Cyrillic alphabet originated in the Byzantine Empire. What does the practice of this religion and the use of this alphabet in Russia indicate?
a) Russia was conquered by the Byzantine Empire
b) Russia's leaders eliminated the influence of the Mongols.
c) Russia was influenced by cultural diffusion.
d) Russia's geographic isolation led to cultural diversity.

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