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How did geography influence the development of ancient Greece
a) Rich farmland led to dependence on agriculture.
b) Excellent harbors encouraged seafaring trade.
c) Flat plains made centralized rule possible.
d) Tropical climate discouraged urban development.

An important factor that prevented the ancient Greek city-states from uniting to form a single nation was the
a) lack of a common language
b) size of the desert regions
c) mountainous topography of the region
d) cold, hostile climate

What was one cause of the development of many small independent city-states in ancient Greece?
a) Greece and Rome were often at war.
b) The mountainous terrain led to scattered settlements.
c) Military leaders found small settlements easy to control.
d) The Greek people had many different religions

In a comparison of the ancient cities of Athens and Sparta, Sparta placed more emphasis on
a) education
b) military service
c) family order
d) human rights

Olympic games, the poems of Homer, and Hellenistic culture are associated with which ancient civilization?
a) Greek
b) Egyptian
c) Roman
d) Phoenician

One effect of rugged, mountainous geography on the civilization of ancient Greece was the development of
a) absolute monarchies
b) extensive trade with the Persians
c) belief in one God
d) separate, independent city-states

Which statement about Greek civilization is an opinion rather than a fact?
a) Boys in Sparta were trained to be soldiers
b) Athens had a better culture than that of Sparta
c) Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle were Greek philosophers
d) Many adults in Athens did not have the right to vote.

Which statement most likely represents the view of a citizen of ancient Athens visiting Sparta?
a) Sparta is so strict, people have little say in society
b) It is like I never left home
c) I've never been in a place where they worship one god
d) This society allows more freedom of expression

What was one effect of Alexander the Great's conquests?
a) expansion of Hellenistic culture
b) formation of the Christian church
c) decreased importance of the Silk Roads
d) increased support of the Mayan leaders

Which society practiced direct democracy?
a) dynastic China
b) Gupta Empire
c) ancient Athens
d) early Egypt

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