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A great movement of people?
a) Migration
b) Movement
c) State
d) City

Africas rainforest are located on both sides of the?
a) Rainforest
b) Savanna
c) Sahara
d) Equator

.______ was one of the most important kingdoms of west africa?
a) Rome
b) Ghana
c) Benin
d) Ile-Ife

The most important product
a) Water
b) Wheat
c) Salt
d) Iron

Most of the gold that was brought to swahili came from around?
a) Ethiopia
b) Kenya
c) Ghana
d) Great Zimbabwe

Mansa Musa wanted Mali to be a leading center of?
a) Military Power
b) Muslim Learning
c) Reading and Writing
d) Agriculture

Kilwa was a muslim city that thrived because of?
a) Offshore Fishing
b) Trade with foregin lands
c) raising yams
d) swahili scholars

the Bantu migrations lasted for?
a) 5000 years
b) 2000 years
c) 1000 years
d) 3000 years

Much of the area north and south of Africas rainforests is a ________ ,a rolling grassland.
a) Desert
b) Savanna
c) Rainforest
d) Sahara

The people who finally drove the rulers of Aksum from the coast of Africa were ?
a) Muslim Traders
b) Christian Kings
c) Bantu Farmers
d) Jewish Refugees

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